Hello; welcome to My Site



Welcome to My Site!

Greetings and welcome.

My name is Jerry K. Brooke, and I approved this message! Sorry about that, I'm not running for office of any kind, I just can't help myself. Ok, here goes!

It all started as a hobby! But grew into a real passion. I find the process both relaxing and rewarding. I have created many web sites that never got published. After a few years of practice, I feel comfortable publishing sites for others. I never had the time to create one for myself.

My web designs had very humble beginnings. As a former IT Specialist, and also a former communications specialist in the military, I found it very easy to adapt these previous talents and my love of computers to a new hobby. After retirement, and with a little more time on my hands I purchased HoTMetaL Pro, installed the CD on my computer and began with the instructors guide, beginning with page one of chapter one, I taught myself the basics of web design.

Of course my first pages were nothing one would want to write home about. With each project, they got better. Today I can easily develop a page of publication quality that I would not be ashamed of. Please visit my "Tiegertime.com" page to view my accomplishments.

I concentrate on the simple design philosophy, as many of my clients complain of the clutter found on many commercial web sites. We used to call it the Kiss Philosiphy, "Keep it Simple Stupid! Sorry about that too! But it works as you will see when you browse through my sites.

I tried out several logos and names before I came up with Tiegertime.com. My gray and black stripped cat, "Teiger" (pronounced Tee'ger), climbed into my lap and shed hair all over my laptop. I put him down on the floor and told him we would share some "Teigertime" later. It sounded good then, and I have used it ever since. I changed the spelling later purely by accident and now we have Tiegertime.com.

I have several sites to maintain and a couple more in the development stage. I work with my clients one on one, and provide some suggestions along the way.

Who knows what the future holds, but I am hopeful for many more published sites, and satisfied customers.

Please don't hesitate to contact my clients and get their opinion of my work. I'm sure they would be pleased to share their thoughts with you.

I have chosen this decor as it is one of my favorites; clear concise and orderly. Also, the deck gray color and rivet pattern reminds me of my time aboard the USS Charles Berry DE-1035. It kindles many memories of my Navy days. Actually, I did the web site for the Charles Berry too, but then thats another story for another time!

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